Aeskulap - Be part of it.

Aeskulap is an "Open Source" project and we're doing it because we think it's a good thing to do.
But we need your help ...

Unimplemented features

Here is a list of things we would like to implement. If you want to start hacking on Aeskulap please use this list.
  • DICOMDIR support (reading files from CD)
  • Moving of studies. Let the SCP move a study to a destination or fetch and send a study.
  • Printer support. Let the user print marked images.
  • Turn Aeskulap into a SCP. Receive images via C-Store.
  • JPEG export. Let the user export JPEG images.
  • CD burning support. Write a DICOMDIR CD from study.

Bug reports, feedbacks and patches

To improve the software we need your help and feedback. If you want to help us please subscribe to one of our mailing list and report any bugs or suggestions you might find useful.

Mailing lists:

  • General information
    Information about all available mailing lists.
  • Aeskulap Users
    Please use this list to send in bug reports and suggestions of any type.
  • Aeskulap Development
    This list should be used for all development related discussions. Also patches should go in there.


We're in need of documentation writers.
If you want to help please fetch the documentation from the download section and email your edited version to me.
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