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Aeskulap is a medical image viewer.
It is able to load a series of special images stored in the DICOM format for review. Additionally Aeskulap is able to query and fetch DICOM images from archive nodes (also called PACS) over the network.
The goal of this project is to create a full open source replacement for commercially available DICOM viewers.
Aeskulap is based on gtkmm, glademm and gconfmm and designed to run under Linux. Ports of these packages are available for different platforms. It should be quite easy to port Aeskulap to any platform were these packages are available.

Hot news


Aeskulap 0.2.1 release.

It's been a long way to go, ...
Spotlight on, here it is, ...
Aeskulap 0.2.1

This release introduces new features like windowlevel presets and major bug fixes.
More details on the release can be found in the README file.
Please test this release and give us feedback about your impressions and thoughts.

Download the source:
Aeskulap 0.2.1 tarball

Binaries and build instructions can be found at the download section.


  • [25-apr-2007]
    Aeskulap 0.2.1 Windows installer package. Gianluca Ghelli contributed a port of Aeskulap for Windows. Thanks to him. You can get the installer from the download section.
  • [08-mar-2006]
    Aeskulap 0.2.1 release. This release introduces new features like windowlevel presets and major bug fixes.
  • [23-feb-2006]
    Gentoo portage overlay. See the download section for details.
  • [02-oct-2005]
    Aeskulap 0.2.0 release. This release introduces major bug fixes and improvements. The search form and the preferences dialog have been greatly improved.
  • [11-sep-2005]
    Aeskulap 0.1.1 maintenance release. The release fixes minor compilation bugs and some major bugs in the networking (C-Find, C-Move) code.
  • [9-sep-2005]
    We're online. The website has been uploaded. Enjoy.
  • [25-aug-2005]
    The Aeskulap project just startet. The code has been uploaded to the savannah CVS.
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